What you need at the right price

Logisk Profil is an analytical HR Tool that will present the cognitive ability and potential as well as a representation of the problem solving behavior and optimization strategy for each Candidate based on two cognitive tests. The selected Candidates are compared on a range of parameters to help you decide which Candidate Profile is the best match for your position and organization.

Logisk Profil is data driven and based on the actual actions and choices of the Candidates during problem solving and the pursuit of results. Since problem solving and task completion is at the core of any business we believe that this provides the optimal basis for the dialogue between Candidate and company. You are on firm objective data ground and do not have to rely solely on the Candidates own description of themselves when evaluating the softer sides of the relationship in the next steps.

As a customer you fully in control of all your processes via your Dashboard on this page. You can start as many processes as you need and include as many Candidates in each process as you desire. The Candidates will be invited to test when you decide and the results will be displayed on your dashboard as the tests are completed.

The Candidates experience an easy journey as described below and it is your decision to what extend you share the results with them.

With a basis from the internationally recognized PI CA/PLI/PI cognitive test our analytical engine builds a Logisk Profil for each Candidate compares the individuals in the process with each other on the most important parameters for problem solving ability and behavior. This way you can identify the best match for your position and organizational culture and begin the next dialogue from a qualified data driven position.

Logisk Profil clarifies the inclinations of the Candidates regarding:

  • Readiness for Change – continue with the same method or are new options in play?
  • Approach to performance optimization – Do the performance improve in the second try and on what dimensions?
  • Handling of potential errors – Do a task have to be completed perfectly before the next can be started?
  • Risk Management – Aim for the big result or play it safe?
  • Learning – Do the challenges foster reflection and learning leading to an improved result?
  • Mapping of the cognitive abilities – Is there a preference for numbers or words?
  • How strong are the analytical abilities and the potential to combine input into coherent solutions?

These questions have no right or wrong answers. The good answers are dependent on your situation, the position and the profile you are looking for. If the position demands detail orientation and thoroughness you will look for different results than if the role requires complex thinking and creative solutions.

Logisk Profil can limit a large field of Candidates and provide the final details in the choice between the finalists. This can reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person and the significant cost for any organization associated with this.

As our customer you will, in addition to Logisk Profil for Candidates you need, get access to a detailed guide on how to get the most value from our product when you run recruitment processes and Candidate evaluations.