What drives Cognitive Profile?

Many years of recruitment experience combined with the ambition to make Candidate analysis easy have been turned into the concept of Cognitive Profile.

We offer you the opportunity to clarify and compare the abilities and problem solving behavior of potential employees - without having to spend a lot of money on consultants and psychologists.

Do it yourself – Do it easy – Get maximum value for money

We have developed and refined the Cognitive Profile concept in collaboration with business owners and HR-Experts so it can provide the answers you need when looking for the right Candidate for your organization.

Cognitive Profile is a fully analytical HR-Tool that is very easy to use. The access to the tool provides so much analytical value to your selection and evaluation that you can reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person.

I ensure that you get a good start with Cognitive Profile. Contact me today for more information and a talk about the needs of your company

Cinne Petersen Partner, responsible for Sales

I ensure you get value for money

Thomas Jannsen Partner, responsible for Analytics