Why are the Candidates invited to 2 test?

By having the Candidate take two tests we secure a more firm data foundation for evaluating the cognitive abilities and problem solving behavior. In addition the second test situation provides insights into how the Candidate evaluates and optimize performance.

More tests could strengthen the data even more but from a practical perspective we do not believe that enough value comes from extending the time and effort required to finish the process.

Why is the PLI test format used?

The PLI test format is internationally recognized and the most used cognitive test in global business life. A well-known tool which provides a strong indication of the cognitive abilities and potential of the Candidate, and covers verbal, numerical and abstract capabilities.

Can cognitive tests say anything about personality?

In itself the cognitive test does not say anything about personality but in Logisk Profil we combine the coverage of the cognitive abilities of the Candidate with the handling of the problem solving task. This analysis provides insights into the problem/task solving behavior as well as time pressure management of the Candidate in addition to the ability to prioritize and optimize when the goal is to achieve results.

How is Logisk Profil different from a personality test?

In a personality test the Candidate describes his/her own behavior in predefined situations by selecting and/or prioritizing generic statements. The result is a report with Candidate scores on a range of parameters showing how the Candidate chose to report his/her own behavior.

Logisk Profil is built on how the Candidate actually behaves when tasks need to be completed with a result in mind and not on how the Candidate choses to describe himself/herself. Logisk Profil is objective and focuses on the method and ability of the Candidate to solve tasks which is the core of any position. With Logisk Profil you will get the combination of behavioral insights and cognitive ability in an analytical presentation.

What education is needed to use Logisk Profil?

No formal education or certification is needed to use Logisk Profil. Before you start you first process you will get a thorough walk-through of the system, test and result and after completion of your first process with a group of Candidates we will help you interpret the result in general and in your specific context putting you on firm ground for the dialogue with the Candidates.

By being a customer you also have access to a detailed presentation of the system which will facilitate that you get the most value for money.

Does Logisk Profil identify the best Candidate?

Logisk Profil presents behavior and ability. What is best for you, depend on your needs. All jobs and companies have the same demands for behavior and abilities. It is no surprise that Sales and Accounting demand different things and the similar variation exist for all job functions. You will most likely have unique demands and expectations in your company and Logisk Profil will help you identify the best match for them.